how we create a
user experience that people LOVE

Your vision is a key part of your strategy, and we bring it to life. We refine messages, simplify ideas and translate them into a delightful, attractive user experience that goes straight to the heart.

Our approach to UX design is humble yet passionate, and we strive to break records and embrace challenging specifications in each and every project we undertake. We truly believe that having a great UX design can take you anywhere, so let us transport you to your objective... and way beyond.

Here's what we deliver: Outstanding digital presence Project efficiency & on-time delivery Product quality & customer satisfaction Competitive advantage

Our UX design workflow begins with intelligent research and conceptual modeling, and flows through great graphics, prototyping and precise definitions for development. Have a few minutes? You're welcome to read on and find out what we can do for you.

UX Design How to get started? UX Design How to get started?

Balancing project criteria requires a good plan

There’s only one secret for success when aiming for greatness. Our project plan is the blueprint that incorporates all requirements, characteristics and assets in order to ultimately go live without stress and strain. A perfect plan, once presented in a clear and well organized manner, will fire up your team so that each employee is motivated and ready to embark on an exciting creative journey with strength and conviction. A perfect plan inspires us as well. It helps us perform better, and lets us focus our innovation and creativity to present you with the highest levels of functionality and aesthetics.

Establish a clear vision for business objectives and opportunities
Define content strategy, communication channels and effective reach
Outline budget, delivery time, professional team and decision path
Accurate definitions for project factors, tasks and progress
Every project is unique and deserves a specific strategy

We conduct research to accumulate intelligence


What are the benefits of strategic research?

Knowledge is power - and the right information leads to improved results. Our research provides you with realistic, unbiased and fresh perspectives, so you can make vital decisions that help you plan for a prosperous future.
We conduct research from 3 business perspectives:

  1. Inside your organization, to understand your experience, desires and vision.
  2. From your customers' point of view, defining their needs, wants, perceptions and interactions.
  3. Your competition and market place, including trends and innovations impacting your segment.

The right answers are out there, sometimes right under our noses. We know where to look and what to look for to help you find them.

Trends in UX research

UX research has been rapidly evolving over the last 10 years. A usability study created in a 'laboratory' is not the only option in understanding what users are actually doing. To find out what's trending in the field doesn't require a big budget or substantial effort. In today's digital world, well-established tools can gather and analyze data. But what does it all mean? An important phase of our process is for our specialists to read the compiled data, and then analyze and compare it with benchmarks using perception, finesse, and wisdom. Reading between the lines, knowing your historical results, understanding how your competitors operate - we keep all of these data points in mind so we can properly devise an inspired strategy.

We analyze findings and shape conclusions

Information architecture

content aggregation

site map and hierarchy

categories, themes


User scenarios & flows


tasks and user flows

influence factors

apply, call to action

Competition & benchmark


competitive analysis

consumer trends

We craft UX concepts and logics

Developing concepts is not only an intriguing process, but an immense responsibility as well. We rise to the challenge, and our passion drives us to develop something extraordinary that incites your market, satisfies your shareholders and sends your competitors back to the drawing board.

The chart below demonstrates the process for concept development, going from low fidelity scratchboards to high fidelity presentations. Different clients have different needs, which is why we make sure to adapt the process to their brand's vision, characteristics and values.

When we work on a concept we search for the sweet spot where each characteristic is individually stressed and all characteristics work together in harmony. We develop scenarios and work with you to find a clear direction, while taking development time and cost into consideration.

Our goal is to create transparent and intuitive concepts, the type that will easily orient your users and minimize their learning curve. Ultimately, an outstanding concept is one that maximizes your customer's online experience and meets your own business goals - and that's exactly the kind of winning combination we're eager to create for you.

We create graphic concepts
and outline standards in your style

In this phase we fuse aesthetics, brand values and market distinctiveness together into a winning formula that ignites users' senses and emotions, and motivates them to take action. Beginning with design research and benchmarking, we evaluate visual trends and scrutinize competitive design tactics. We fine-tune our design formula to create the impact just right for your target audience. We craft the DNA for your brand and stress the essence of your graphic identity. We present core screens and interactions - dressed with the new graphic DNA. And we capture all graphic definitions into a detailed Style Guide.

Design Graph

Already have a brand?

We take your existing brand values and integrate them into a new logical concept. We refresh your look & feel and apply a little polish.

We design every element to integrate your values, characteristics and message with your brand personality. We help you show off your uniqueness - emphasizing all those elements that make your brand shine.

We work on details and design every element

Details matter - no big idea can come alive without them. A great user experience is built from countless details that work together perfectly. We give close attention to assuring a smooth user flow, displaying attractive and relevant content, and designing what is exceptional and different. During our usability evaluations, we collect feedback to perfect the final deliverables.

We build the exact prototype you need

It's always exciting to see your work come alive. We equip you with a prototype that fully suits your needs, and is ready to test your ideas. It serves as a reference for your development team, as a front-end coding layer or as a demo for investors and decision makers.

With the new prototype, you get full control over your product display, the final cut, identical to the origin design and with real life interactivity. It will demonstrate flexibility for different displays, transitions, gestures and interactions.

We communicate with your developers

We know how important it is to maintain good communication between design and development teams:

we supply

real-time problem solving for questions that may come up during the development process

we help

implement new features and components while maintaining consistency, aesthetics and usability

we keep

an eye out to make sure that UX definitions are executed exactly as planned

Then, we propel them all the way to the finish line


We're happy with the project you created for us. But how do we apply your strategies so we can maintain and even continue to enhance our offerings?

We're not here simply to do the work and run. We work closely with your project managers, developers, editors and business managers to expand your in-house UX capabilities and boost your confidence to make decisions. We believe in learning by doing, and when your teams work with us in pure transparency, they understand what makes great usability and what exceptional UX design is.

When is the best time to contact you? What do I need to begin?

Contact us whenever you're ready to kick it into high gear. We need no more than your vision. We take it from there, working with you, shaping ideas and crafting products and services that really work.

I already have a brand and a visual language. Can you take it from here?

Of course. We can either implement your existing brand and identity or simply polish and freshen it to be current with successful contemporary trends.

Contact us to learn more about User Experience Design

Do you take a different approach designing for PC, mobile or tablet?

Our basic methodology has proven successful for hundreds of clients, and is constantly updated to keep it current and effective. However, mobile devices have intricacies that make them interesting and popular, including ergonomics, accessibility, and screen real estate. More and more, we design holistic User Experience strategies to both meet the characteristics of each platform, and to brand each site as a unified offering. Whether your customer is connecting to you from his PC, tablet, smartphone or other device, we use best practices to create a flexible solution that works well, wherever it is accessed.

Well, I'm not convinced I need to design a completely new UX. Even if I do - I still think there are good qualities in my existing offering. What do you recommend?

You're probably right. In such a case we recommend that you conduct an expert review to gain a better understanding of how your application interacts with real users. We highlight your bottlenecks and usability problems. We analyze the key interaction patterns and enhance the characteristics that work well. We also take a look at your competitors and recommend strategies so you can outshine them in the marketplace.

I live on Mars and would like to run a UX project with you. Can you help?

Hey, we just recently heard that you get Skype, 4G and Wi-Fi on Mars! It means we can work effortlessly. No need to reserve a parking place for our spaceship.

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