You might be thinking about hiring the perfect UX designer

Assuming you won't settle for second best, you need someone with this skill set, and this type of experience and approach:

 A UX designer with the highest level of comprehension towards detail and consistency
 A modeler, inventor, conceptual designer, and prototyper
 A designer of novel visual interfaces, user flows, and compelling interactions
 A unique problem-solver with a deep passion for quality and aesthetics
 A usability engineer that specializes in analyzing & testing user behavior
 Has proven success across various fields
 Is proficient and up-to-date in UX methodologies and tools
 Has a proven record in simplifying complex user flows into elegant, easy-to-use products
 Has developed and implemented best-in-class UI and associated UI framework
 Has experience with responsive design and has a solid portfolio with a range of different products
 Shows enthusiasm, flexibility, empathy, maturity, professionalism and diligence
 Is eager to produce from day 1
 Can easily adapt to your business needs and work quickly in ever-changing environments
 Is a team player, fun to work with, and able to work effectively within and across teams
 Is a fast learner with an enduring passion to search for better ideas and for better UX and Usability
But how easily can you find ONE designer that has it all?

Nice to meet you we're Hexoo

Nice to meet you we're Hexoo

We're a team of talented designers, each with their own set of skills, years of experience and individual approach. But when we put our heads together, we're that one dream designer many companies are looking for.

For the past 20 years, we've been a team that works in a synchronized fashion, and shares the great responsibility for accomplishing our clients' goals. Our collective energy and creativity always leads to increased productivity and results in a high quality project.

We would love to provide you with an exclusive UX design service.

The Visionary

Alon Zager, Founder, UX Director

Challenge me with a far-fetched vision or a complicated task and I guarantee that I’ll be your friend forever. The very reason for founding Hexoo in 2001 was my passion for solving problems and simplifying circumstances – and this is something that I’d be happy to do for you. I studied economics and psychology, but what really makes me tick is science, mathematics, music and sports – a good mix of classics and innovation. I believe that everything should be pixel perfect and mathematically structured – otherwise I have no doubt that the world will collapse. I’m the ‘visionary’ because there’s nothing I love more than to take initiative and show people that there IS a way to take a leap towards success. At Hexoo, I develop new and exciting concepts and innovations, as well as mentor UX and design professionals.

The Racing Driver

Andrea Zager, Partner, UX Director

Why the ‘racing driver’? Because I like to get things done in the fastest, most efficient manner. But being quick doesn’t mean that I make compromises on the quality of the results. I manage my team and resources to get things done correctly, perfectly and with style. I love to dive deep into every detail to deliver the ultimate user experience. I enjoy ‘studying’ people. Understanding their motivations and expectations, discovering what exactly triggers their actions and reactions, and knowing what they feel as a result of different experiences. I come from a world of numbers – I spent 15 years in the financial markets, where I mastered analytical thinking and quick decision-making. At Hexoo, creating concepts makes use of these skills every day, and I complement this with my passion for aesthetics and beauty.

The Acrobat

Gitit Ezagouri, Creative Director

An acrobat personifies balance, agility and coordination to create an almost perfect but near impossible captivating act. That’s me. Give me a black and white wireframe and I will venture out of the box for the right colours and shapes. I achieve the perfect balance between precision and imagination. When surrounded by a circus of chaos and distraction, even then I focus on my act: to synthesise my client’s message into a beautiful, clear design. My agility lies in captivating the eye and the user’s emotions with each colour I choose or shape I outline. I love evoking my user’s emotions: Curiosity? Happiness! Excitement!!!
On my spare time you will find me rowing or getting back to painting with watercolours or illustrating with a good old pencil!

Think about it
Hexoo has been in the UX business for 20 years, and have completed hundreds of UX projects across a variety of different fields. 
We are a reliable team of highly devoted interdisciplinary professionals who skillfully craft and design advanced digital products. 
We cover the full UX spectrum, including research, ideation, modeling, wireframing and graphic design. 
We evaluate UX and usability for continuous progress in performance and customer satisfaction. 
We inject a healthy dose of UX culture and enhance our clients’ knowledge of UX methodologies. 
We have excellent presentation and sales abilities, and are capable of clearly demonstrating our clients' business values. 
We are always excited to tackle new challenges head-on. 
  • Quote marks Hexoo has fully immersed itself in our business and delivered top-notch UX services Quote marks
  • Quote marks Hexoo has fully immersed itself in our business and delivered top-notch UX services Quote marks

Benefit from hexoo’s power

 Get full-power capabilities and deliverables from day one.
 Benefit from the type of efficiency that can only come from a team that knows each other, and has worked together effectively for over a decade.
 Acquire the experience and full coverage of UX design, usability and graphic factors
 Enjoy the advantage of having more than just one pair of eyes looking at concept, design and usability issues
 Have one less team to manage, thanks to our quick grasp of the project at hand, and our proactive approach.
 Get quick adaptation to your methodology and business work-flows.

We know that different clients have different needs

Clients logos
Perhaps you need someone who can...

The Hexoo team can help you establish a UX culture within your company, lay the groundwork for methods and workflows, and easily cooperate with all teams that are part of the development cycle. 

We'll work together with you on a fresh set of guidelines so that everything works together perfectly, providing users with a consistent experience.  

As a startup, you need a qualified team to provide results... yesterday. We're ready for action when you need it most, and have the experience and flexibility to give life to your ideas.

With Hexoo, you can finally tackle all those projects stuck in the pipeline, and significantly speed up your UX development.

Users' needs are constantly evolving, and you need to keep up. We can help adapt the presentation of your product or service, and keep it up to date with these changing times.

You might need a temporary solution to supplement your current team, and we might just offer a refreshing perspective while we're helping out.

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