At Hexoo, we help companies and startups create advanced digital products and services, as well as a powerful online presence

Image of Hexoo's clients during the years Image of Hexoo's clients during the years
Simply put, UX Design fascinates us.

We adapt our approach to fit your needs, either designing UX from scratch or improving your current offering

UX Design

We help companies bring their ideas to life by shaping their character, designing their form and engineering their interactivity. We offer a multi-disciplinary approach to UX Design, combining proven-scientific methodologies with aesthetics and grace.
We work to humanize digital interactions, and strive to create a user experience that truly excites and connects with people in the best possible way.

By combining creative thinking along with a profound, proven and methodological approach, we ensure: An outstanding digital presence Quality products Customer satisfaction Quick delivery time

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UX Review

We provide professional feedback to optimize your UX and streamline its usability. We carefully evaluate your products and services, and then deliver detailed recommendations and solutions that you can start implementing today.

Here’s what you can expect: An actionable plan that can be implemented without delay or serve as a roadmap for future developments. An unbiased and accurate perspective of your current situation of your website or application, why certain things are happening (or not) and what can be done
to improve this.
A solid basis for your planning, budgeting and key decision points during the digital product development.

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Get a UX design team

Get a UX design team

For us, there's nothing more satisfying and enjoyable than taking on a challenging UX project and nailing it. Whether it's for a big name brand or for a young company putting together a game changing product, we put our hearts into each and every project, and produce an end result that gets the kind of results clients have come to expect from a leading UX design company.

See our approach

 Get full-power capabilities and deliverables from day one.
 Benefit from the type of efficiency that can only come from a team that knows each other, and has worked together effectively for over a decade.
 Acquire the experience and full coverage of UX design, usability and graphic factors
 Enjoy the advantage of having more than just one pair of eyes looking at concept, design and usability issues
 Have one less team to manage, thanks to our quick grasp of the project at hand, and our proactive approach.
 Get quick adaptation to your methodology and business work-flows.

At Hexoo, we have 20+ years of hands-on experience

  • Banking
  • Insuarance
  • Brokerage
  • Gaming & Gambling
  • Sports
  • Portals
  • Advertising
  • Travel & Tourism
  • News, editorial
  • Medical and Health
  • Security
  • Start Ups
  • Supermarkets
  • Mobile Operators
  • Food and Catering
  • Entertainment
  • Software
  • Social networks
  • Education
  • Governmental
  • UX design
  • UI design
  • UX upgrade
  • Cyber security
  • Concept modeling
  • Graphic design
  • Benchmarking
  • Competitive analysis
  • Define personas
  • Wireframing
  • Documentation
  • Usability study
  • Usability review
  • Prototyping
  • Strategy & vision
  • Branding
  • Structured methodology
  • Content
  • Mail & messaging
  • Cashiers
  • My account
  • Wizards
  • SaaS
  • Desktop application
  • Mobile Apps
  • Indexes & bill boards
  • Search Engines
  • Online shops
  • Enterprise Portals
  • CRM
  • ERP
  • Measuring Devices
  • Pentera
  • Mend
  • Falkor
  • NSO Group
  • Bank Hapoalim
  • MasterCard
  • Bizportal
  • Gartner
  • 888
  • Daka90
  • Maccabi Health Ins.
  • Bidalgo
  • Shufersal
  • Amplio
  • Leadspace
  • Ayala Travel & Geo
  • National Geographic
  • RAD
  • Dania Cibus
  • show more
    • ActiveMail
    • Flyeast
    • Yellow Pages
    • Arkia
    • Israir
    • Danya Cebus
    • Bank Jerusalem
    • IIBR
    • AdDoox
    • Diesenhaus
    • Electra
    • LoolTV
    • Medatech
    • Neshama
    • Amadeus
    • Sabre
    • TravellerTours
    • Winebourse
    • Shapir
    • Emkol
    • Lapidot Group
    • Fastlane
    • Road 6 cross north
    • Innoviz
    • Meuchedet
    • Zemah
    • Vetmarket
    • Tosaf
    • AHAVA
    • Venus Concept
    • Ashtroom
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Meet the team

The Visionary

Alon Zager, Founder, UX Director

Challenge me with a far-fetched vision or a complicated task and I guarantee that I’ll be your friend forever. The very reason for founding Hexoo in 2001 was my passion for solving problems and simplifying circumstances – and this is something that I’d be happy to do for you. I studied economics and psychology, but what really makes me tick is science, mathematics, music and sports – a good mix of classics and innovation. I believe that everything should be pixel perfect and mathematically structured – otherwise I have no doubt that the world will collapse. I’m the ‘visionary’ because there’s nothing I love more than to take initiative and show people that there IS a way to take a leap towards success. At Hexoo, I develop new and exciting concepts and innovations, as well as mentor UX and design professionals.

The Racing Driver

Andrea Zager, Partner, UX Director

Why the ‘racing driver’? Because I like to get things done in the fastest, most efficient manner. But being quick doesn’t mean that I make compromises on the quality of the results. I manage my team and resources to get things done correctly, perfectly and with style. I love to dive deep into every detail to deliver the ultimate user experience. I enjoy ‘studying’ people. Understanding their motivations and expectations, discovering what exactly triggers their actions and reactions, and knowing what they feel as a result of different experiences. I come from a world of numbers – I spent 15 years in the financial markets, where I mastered analytical thinking and quick decision-making. At Hexoo, creating concepts makes use of these skills every day, and I complement this with my passion for aesthetics and beauty.

The Acrobat

Gitit Ezagouri, Creative Director

An acrobat personifies balance, agility and coordination to create an almost perfect but near impossible captivating act. That’s me. Give me a black and white wireframe and I will venture out of the box for the right colours and shapes. I achieve the perfect balance between precision and imagination. When surrounded by a circus of chaos and distraction, even then I focus on my act: to synthesise my client’s message into a beautiful, clear design. My agility lies in captivating the eye and the user’s emotions with each colour I choose or shape I outline. I love evoking my user’s emotions: Curiosity? Happiness! Excitement!!!
On my spare time you will find me rowing or getting back to painting with watercolours or illustrating with a good old pencil!

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