What our clients think about working with us


Yoav Brog

When it was time to hire our first product designer, I was debating whether to hire an in-house designer or work with an agency. After meeting Alon & Andrea for the first time, it became clear to me that with Hexoo we’d get the best of both worlds - passion, dedication, creativity and professionalism, with the flexibility and fire-power of a whole UX/UI team.

And so it was. The Hexoo team helped us lay out the foundations of our UX/UI architecture, building a rich prototype under impossible timelines. This allowed us to validate the need for our product very quickly, and secure our first customers.

Working with an external agency like Hexoo gave us access to a wider range of skills and perspectives that we wouldn't have had with just one in-house employee.

I highly recommend Hexoo to any startup (especially an early stage one!) in need of a product designer.


Ohad Narkis

I have worked with Alon and the Hexoo team on a project to improve the mobile UX interface for PlayOJO.com. The team was a pleasure to work with, committed, knowledgeable and highly professional. The project resulted in driving customer engagement and top line revenue growth.  

I highly recommend Hexoo as a UX and product design agency.


Ran Tamir

Thank you Alon Zager and Andrea Zager and the entire Hexoo - UX/UI Design Team for partnering with us from our early days. Thanks for your UX/UI expertise, your passion for design and user experience and your endless dedication. You have a significant role in the evolution of our products since the early days back in 2018 to where we are today. 

I highly recommend any startup looking for the best UX/UI team to work with the Hexoo team. Thank You!


Amitai Ratzon

Thanks a lot Alon Zager and Andrea Zager and the entire Hexoo - UX/UI Design Team! You've been instrumental to our product evolution from the very beginning and I am so thankful we've gone on this journey together back in 2018!


Alon Levin

While I was searching for a product designer for Infinipoint I got in touch with Alon Zager from the Hexoo team - a product UX/UI design agency.

I was a bit skeptic in the beginning as I was looking for a full time employee, but Alon worked pretty hard to convinced me to make a try. He told me that Hexoo is a different kind of UX/UI agency - a small group of professionals who love to solve problems - preferably complicated problems.

So I gave Hexoo one of the most complicated task. What is the outcome?

As promised, I received a fast, responsive and professional service. Hexoo suggested a solution that had great user experience and outstanding flexibility for future development. 

I was very surprised to realize how fast the Hexoo team understood our industry, the professional terms and our clients’ needs.

I recommend Hexoo - especially for startups who need flexible product design team to solve complexed UX/UI design issues.


Alon Katz

it has been a great pleasure to work with you guys, as a Front End developer and later on as a team leader, you have been providing us with great experience of collaboration in both proficiency and efficiency aspects, i highly recommend to any Front End developer or startup who wants to work with the top notch designers and user experience experts, Hexoo - UX/UI Design Team are the ones you want by your side.

I wish you the best of luck!