WhatsApp, Telegram and other messenger apps are designed for social communication - not for setting up an event or summing up votes. People misuse theses apps, which overwhelms users with irrelevant information and constant alerts.


We wrote about it 4 years ago but things haven't change since, and there's no elegant solution in sight. So we invented SetApp.

Relevant information

Use cases

A person needs at least 10 footballers to both commit and agree on a place & time.
>> SetApp a game.

Co-workers are trying to decide where to eat. There are too many options around the building.
>> SetApp lunch.

A teacher wants to confirm attendance without initiating a discussion.
>> SetApp a tally

Simplicity is king

SetApp is built for everyone, so we eliminated background noises and unnecessary elements, while using the OS design patterns to keep things simple and familiar.


SetApp is focused on giving users up-to-date results for their inquiries. Chats and photos can enrich the discussion, and provide more information, but both are secondary. The focus is on keeping things clean and straightforward.


Inherently single-minded

Many platforms try to be a jack-of-all-trades and end up being masters of none. SetApp, on the other hand, is utterly dedicated to doing what it does best. No frills. No distractions. Just event planning and decision-making. Period. 

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