Get professional feedback to optimize your UX & Usability

Here's how we analyze UX & Usability, and deliver solutions you can start implementing today.

We Discover

We follow up on the issues that concern you, and also take an independent direction to discover what UX & Usability bottlenecks are hurting your performance. We study your goals, assets, values, activity and interactions with customers. We learn your terminology, and define relevant questions and metrics.

We Identify

Users who visit your website leave footprints that translate into valuable clues. By studying their activity, we identify interactions that could or must be improved. Our experts examine your present situation, and use numerous benchmarks, guidelines and criteria, interviews and analytical tools to determine what needs to be improved and optimized.

We Analyze

We analyze our findings to separate the major UX & Usability impacts from the minor inconveniences, to assign the findings into groups and to present both cross-platform and specific issues. We test real cases with real people to get direct access to human perspective and uncover irregular issues you wouldn't necessarily notice throughout your daily routine. We then discuss both the conceptual and practical solutions we believe you should apply.

We Recommend

We recommend concepts and ideas that should be taken into consideration in future development plans, but we also recommend "quick fixes" - cost effective and simple solutions that can be easily embedded into your current environment. We deliver sketches, wireframes, graphic designs, presentations and reports - everything you need to optimize your UX & Usability.

You Receive

A plan you can implement immediately!
An impartial report that scores current UX & Usability
Analysis based both on standard and trending guidelines
"Quick-wins" - cost-effective solutions ready for immediate implementation
Concepts and idea for roadmaps and future execution
A foundation for product development planning, budgeting and decision making

We experience what your users experience

We want to look through your users' eyes while they're interacting with you, and feel what they feel.
We'll experience the full spectrum of your customers, learn their online habits and discover their needs and motivations. We use common techniques to fit any business case and objectives, offering face-to-face interviews, remote testing, analytic tools and automated reports.

We measure UX & Usability metrics

There's a wide range of factors and standards that influence UX & Usability. We run your website or application through hundreds of testing metrics, aggregated into groups by subjects. We do that in order to understand and evaluate where you stand, and help you focus on specific issues that are crucial to your success:

  • Navigation
  • Search engine interaction
  • Transparency and learning curve
  • Layout and design flexibility
  • Call to action / user motivation
  • Consistency
  • Communication / humanization
  • Ergonomics and accessibility
  • Registration/ Login
  • Workflows

We come with a proactive and creative approach - not only identifying problems and limitations, but also proposing necessary solutions and detailed explanations on how to solve any problem that comes up.

We scale our work to fit your need

type of search

"Overnight" reviews

Need a quick, budget-friendly UX & Usability evaluation? Our analysts can review your offering against the most common metrics and prepare a quick yet useful report. Normally, we deliver our findings within a few business days, however in urgent cases, we'll do this overnight or even sooner through a conference meeting.

In-depth expert reviews

A serious usability study requires comprehensive analysis and a drill-down into details. Our in-depth expert review offers clear advantages over a quick overview in terms of finer accuracy, broader coverage and more definitive communication. Field research, statistics, heat-maps, analytical tools and other available resources provide the basis of our examination.

Comparative reviews

Our comparative reviews introduce market standards, benchmarks and best practices. We investigate fresh approaches, ideas and innovations to find the current consumer trends that rule your industry. Once you understand your relative market position and the gap between you and your competitors, it's easier to strategize.

Second opinion

You may need a second opinion to reassure yourself of the direction you've taken, for proof of concept or just to hear what other experts have to say. Share your wireframes, designs and prototypes with us, and we'll let you know what we think. You'll receive professional recommendations, including pros and cons of your proposed design.

All metrics and testing methods are selected in accordance to your interests, business characteristics, priorities and budget.


What information do you need in order to propose analysis strategies and methods?

Each analysis method or tool has its advantages and disadvantages. The choice to apply one over another is a decision that is determined by your business requirements and situation: Do you have an active website or do you have a prototype or graphic sketch? Are you looking for a one-time review or do you wish to incorporate analysis into a routine? Are you able to reach and interact with your customers with ease?

I already use tools such as Google Analytics and Clicktale. Do I still need an expert review?

We highly recommend the use of analytical tools. Reliable data on user activity, interactions and user perspectives is an important foundation for determining performance. This data needs to be interpreted and explained in context, in order to make a plan for optimization. That's precisely what we do.

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Do you recommend traditional laboratory usability testing?

Traditional usability testing in a lab is not only expensive and time consuming, but is also inaccurate since people don't behave naturally in this type of setting. Nowadays, we use online testing and analytics tools to get better and more reliable results at a much lower cost.

What are the deliverables?

We prepare a detailed presentation describing our UX analysis process starting from setting up research to explaining our recommendations and solutions. The deliverables may also include wireframes, designed interactions, and other materials that will help you understand and "experience" our work plan.

I live on Mars and would like you to analyze UX & Usability. Can you help?

We definitely can. As long as you're somewhere in the digital space, the distance doesn't make a difference.

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