We understand what it takes to design UX in financial markets

For the past 17 years we've been engaged in UX design for online financial services, taking part in the exciting transformation from traditional, face-to-face interactions to electronic, branchless banking services. While only 30 years ago we were fascinated by the electronic cash machine and satisfied with its limited functionality, nowadays we settle for nothing less than electronic wallets, real-time transparency, multi-device access and rich applications to handle all operations and administration.

UX designers with a solid financial background

We fluently speak the complicated languages of finance and banking. With a strong background in economics, banking, business analysis, trading and financial products marketing, we've accumulated an in-depth understanding of the often complex financial world. If you're looking to improve a trading system, to create an innovative yet "easy to digest" approach to present balance statements and account overviews, or in need of efficient wizards and forms that help customers easily complete loan or insurance applications - we have a few ideas you might want to take a look at.

The flexibility to fit right in with your UX design cycle

Most banking and financial service providers we work with have their systems already up and running, and aren't looking to start over from scratch. If this is your case as well, you need a flexible partner that can jump right in and seamlessly become part of your existing framework - helping you complete essential tasks and achieve immediate results. However, if you don't have a solid UX design cycle, we can help set one up, and shape it according to your vision and precise business requirements.

Innovating with no compromises on usability

It's especially exciting to innovate with the traditional and classic, when it seems that nothing else can be done. We spend a great deal of time taking tables of data, lists and forms and changing them in a way that makes for a much more intuitive and natural user experience.

Case study


Bizportal is a capital markets data provider and web portal for financial and business information. It was designed to fit the needs of capital market investors looking for data along with opinions, reviews and analysis. Bizportal is renowned for its detailed coverage on shares, options, currencies, funds, indexes, trust-funds, ETFs and basically all common structured products. Over the course of 2012-2013 we helped to completely redesign the Bizportal website.

Investors appreciate Driving Quality

Running your portfolio is like driving a car - whether you're comfortably cruising or taking sharp turns at high speed, you always look for signs and indications to guide you towards your destination. We designed a set of graphic elements to visualize and compare performance, trends, volumes and ratios.

Driving Quality


We created a starting point where you see the big picture first, get a sense for vital indications, and easily continue on to more detailed and specific views.


Trading options

Discover a simple, orignal and highly usable solution to move between strikes, maturities and types.

Trading options


Bank Hapoalim is Israel's largest bank. With 13,500 employees worldwide, it has a significant presence in global financial markets. Bank Hapoalim offers personal, corporate and institutional banking services, and provides user interfaces for account management, payment and transfers, brokerages, Forex, credit and loans, investment banking and international trading. Bank Hapoalim operates within the framework of high definition UX methodologies and long-term processes, which makes it possible to assess the efficiency of changes over time.

Bank Hapoalim's website has continuously received awards, both domestically and internationally, for innovation, user experience and usability.

We've helped Bank Hapoalim deal with many challenges and have guided them through both large, long-term strategic projects and short-term projects designed for immediate implementation.



ActivePath has developed a secure and interactive web-based email solution by the name of ActiveMail. Designed to enhance engagement and drive click-through rates, ActiveMail revolutionizes the relationship between enterprises and their customers by bringing the online experience straight to the personal email inbox. This bidirectional, secure communication solution motivates customers to take relevant actions and enter a world of rich and interactive content without leaving their inbox.


No one can argue about the value of convenience. For customers, nothing beats being able to view information and react on the spot. With ActiveMail they can take immediate action and complete payments, and handle a variety of other tasks using the form embedded in the email. We created more than 40 types of banking alerts and statements, and matched them with more than 60 relevant actions. Practically speaking, customers can operate their financial accounts through their personal email inbox alone.


We designed ActiveMail's mobile aplication so customers can keep enjoying this "receive alert - take action" principle while they're on the go. They can view their cash balance, credit card, portfolio statements, and much more. But most importantly, they can take immediate action.

Let's make some magic together