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Creating  ultra powerful
advertising machines

In a world where advertising seems to chase us no matter where we go, it's no surprise that the marketplace has become extremely noisy and overcrowded. People today have a very limited capacity to consume everything that's thrown their way, which is why marketing professionals must be able to offer a very attractive package: the experience and skills to create attractive ads, advanced technology, smart bidding algorithms and the ability to advertise to the masses.

Just recently we helped Bidalgo, who developed technology that helps maximize the effectiveness of advertisers' Facebook ad budget, and Addoox, whose technology assists real-time-bidding in private ad networks. We equipped them both with well-designed, ultra-powerful advertising machines that offer a great user experience.

Getting the proper insight

Watching analysts at work is the key to understanding their daily needs and what they would benefit from. We conducted in-depth research to gain full perspective from various types of analysts, campaign managers and performance experts. We learned what was missing, which shortcuts were necessary and what kind of communication was best for their day-to-day operations.

Advertising analysts and campaign managers are expected to perform at a high level and deliver high volumes at all times, react fast, supply immediate results and achieve an impressive ROI.

For Bidalgo, we created a concept that maximizes engagement between analysts and their campaigns, from the initial set up of the advertising strategy all the way to performance analysis. We made it easy to zoom in and out of data resolution. Since Bidalgo is a social network advertising platform, we embedded all targeting tools and capabilities in a new UX, ready for analysts who demand peak performance and who are familiar with Facebook targeting and audience reach. .

In Addoox's case, we created a concept that applies to external ad traders, advertising agencies and website owners in order to maximize targeting, transparency, visibility and brand safety. We designed graphic interfaces for insights and reports focused on performance and earnings.

Uploading and editing large-scale campaigns

Advertisers want to find the top performing creative ads, target them by demographics and location, focus on people with specific likes and interests, and reach people who behave in a certain way. They want to manage their budget wisely and use efficient bidding strategies in order to achieve a high ROI. We simplified the process of creating Facebook campaign 'recipes', using 5 simple steps. We designed shortcuts and one-click recreation and duplication of successful campaign characteristics.

At times, advertisers look to simply duplicate success or just change a few parameters on an already successful campaign. We made it easy and intuitive to edit campaigns, and added history and performance analysis so that advertisers would be able to make educated decisions based on relevant information.

View Analytics & Reports

Reports are embedded everywhere - isn't everything some kind of a report, at least for analysts? We make a point of designing systems in a way that there's no need to include an independent "reports tab" to get detailed analysis and see all necessary KPIs. In 99% of cases, "reports" are embedded in the layout.

How much information can be presented at once?

We encountered the traditional "How much information and how many columns and rows of data can be displayed at once?" dilemma. Since analysts are familiar with excel spreadsheets and are more than capable of dealing with large amounts of information, we designed rich analytic views that have the flexibility to fill up HD displays. But even HD displays have their limits - there's no way to display more than 30 columns of data at once.
The solution we delivered was a slider that brings a new layer of KPIs on top of the first set. In this way we doubled the amount of data displayed, meaning the user doesn't lose orientation in regard to which item the new set of data relates to.

How about getting all reports at once?

For times when users search for in-depth and out of the ordinary insights, we prepared some usable reports and analytic interfaces. Users fine-tune their parameters and data resolution, and receive a summary of all available reports in a click. And if that isn't enough, they can always drill down and get a detailed view.

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