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Groufie  The Art of Music

We teamed up with a group of music enthusiasts to create Groufie - a free music app that has it all. What started out as a project with minimal requirements soon took off to exciting and challenging places, eliciting great expectations along the way. While there are plenty of music apps and websites out there that allow users to stream or download music, all have their individual flaws. Some offer only limited or partial access to contemporary music, others are just too expensive, and of course - there are those that have forgotten that they exist in a day and age where content must be shareable through social networks. It's safe to say that most of them simply don't have the full suite of features that music lovers demand. It was impossible to find an all-rounded music solution that offers an ideal user experience. That's why we created Groufie.

Here's a quick look at Groufie

Technology. Functionality. Integration. UX

Great technology allows you to achieve great things. It allows you to create useful and functional systems that fulfill the needs of your customers, to design a rich and highly attractive user experience, and to implement upgrades with ease.

Groufie's foundations are built on "layers" of advanced technology and integration capabilities combined with world class music content and metadata, all connected to social networks. Groufie was built and designed with maximum flexibility to allow for future development and adaptation to the web, new mobile operating systems and new trends in technology.

Let's make some magic together