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Enhancing the Online Bingo Experience

Some people are very passionate about bingo - this is something we learned while working on this project. Bingo has always been predominantly geared toward women, but once you add a fresh twist, it becomes highly appealing to a variety of new target audiences:

People searching for that sense of realism, professionalism and atmosphere they experienced when playing bingo in traditional halls.

Non-bingo players looking for a new type of game that combines elements from games they're familiar with, such as roulette and horse racing.

Bingo players that are tired of the game's simplicity, bored by its lack of action, and are looking to spice it up with creative game additions.

The story starts when we met Rafael a young entrepreneur with a great passion for bingo.

Rafael had a vision to create the ultimate experience for bingo enthusiasts looking for professionalism, transparency and attention to detail. Rafael came up with an innovative concept - offering bingo players two additional ways to play the game - one based on roulette and the other on horse racing. These bingo variations are played simultaneously and based on the same numbers drawn.

We came up with original ideas and helped Rafael create an environment that emulates the thrilling feeling of being inside a fully-fledged bingo hall, and give players the notion that they're in for a "special event". We designed a concept where players can move between games while staying in the same bingo hall and never losing orientation.

The Values


Bingo+ offers full transparency in displaying game cards, winning positions, and distribution of jackpots. The platform is designed to be suitable for special events, tournaments and high-traffic pages targeting bingo players.

3 games in 1

1.Classic Bingo - players hope that their card has the winning numbers.
2. Roulette Bingo - players guess which number will come up last.
3. Horse Racing Bingo - players bet on the horse that will have its numbers called first.

Go social

Players can chat and interact with friends on different social networks, easily sending gifts, promotions, invitations and share the thrill of the game.

Live broad cast

Integrated graphics with real-time video streaming from a real bingo hall, showing the caller, the ball dispensing machine and the called numbers.

3 different games - 1 set of numbers


Bingo+ is above all an online bingo platform that offers classic game rules.
For bingo fans that appreciate a professional gaming approach and prefer to enhance their experience with tournaments and special events, Bingo+ might just be a perfect match.


Roulette Bingo is a combination of ... well, roulette and bingo. Just like with roulette, you guess the winning number and utilize a betting strategy to increase your odds. In Roulette Bingo the winning number is the one that appears on the last ball left in the dispensing machine.


Horse Racing Bingo is a fresh twist on bingo and a great break from the routine of standard game play.
90 bingo numbers are evenly divided into 9 rows, where each row features a horse that advances whenever its numbers are called. Players can bet on the fastest horse or go for a 1-2-3 combination.

Let's make some magic together