posted on 07 Nov 2017  

Your 2017 UX Glossary

Do you find yourself confused by the plethora of titles, terms and buzzwords in the UX world?

Well fret no more. Here’s everything you need to know about everything you need to know.


 An image showing red pepper crying over spill paprika



 A process that makes it okay to cut corners – similar to Hollywood starlets who branded starving as “cleansing.” Your client will think it makes everything go faster. It won’t.  



MVP – Minimal Viable Product

Something no one in your organization can agree on, but is great to email your parents so they don’t think your job is make-belief (they still won’t understand it).





A Game of Thrones-esque torturing method, where a creative person is transformed into a toolbox till his or her soul slowly withers.


Someone who used to be a professional but is now just a douchebag.



Design mentor

A designer without a real job.




A tribe of chronic chin-down humans who operate when their battery is on, and sleep when it’s off.

A/B testing

When the client forces their lame design and you convince them it’s best to test it because reasoning and logic have once again failed.




An operating system used by women, 55 and older, usually named Karen.



Back end developer 

A lovable curmudgeon who is smarter than you and doesn’t shower often.




A day dedicated to CEOs who want something to post about on Linkedin.  


A software development methodology that is great if you want to fit your designs in awkwardly.


A design pattern that shows Hansel and Gretel have taught us nothing.

Experience architecture

A way to make yourself sound more important.



“No interface”

The sacrificial concept the client definitely won’t choose but makes you look edgy.




Tinder for developers.




Tinder for PMs.

Have more to add? Comment below and have a buzz worthy 2018!





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