posted on 06 Sep 2017  

The Instrument that Rules The Orchestra

Meet Gitit Ezagouri, a UI designer and Creative Director who brings a humble and wickedly talented mindset to Hexoo.


You’re both a UI Designer and a Creative Director. What exactly do you do?


If UX is the architect, I’m the interior decorator. I translate wireframes into a graphic language, adding layers of messaging using colors, type, shapes, layout etc. In other words, I turn logic and usability into emotional experiences.



What are some of your challenges?


The first challenge I’m often faced with is that almost every project requires a lot of research, and diving deep into companies and worlds I’m unfamiliar with. Luckily, I’m a naturally curious person, and I enjoy that process.

But my biggest challenge is, of course, taking black & white wireframes and turning them into living, breathing, digital designs.






What are your guiding principals?


My goal is to always create a product that converses with people–not “users.”

I firmly believe a digital designer needs to be involved, and in the trenches, with the UX designers from the get-go. At Hexoo, I get a chance to do that, which provides me with the creative and conceptual freedom to bake in certain elements from early on.

Lastly, I’m constantly checking myself to ensure my designs work well across interfaces and features.




What’s the difference between designing for big and small companies?


No matter the size, everyone needs an authentic, impressive digital experience. So in that sense, there’s no difference in terms of the thinking and preparation that goes into each project. I think the main difference is actually on the client side, since bigger companies have various layers of decision makers, whereas smaller companies have faster and (often) smoother processes.  

Be that as it may, I have to admit there’s something special about designing for companies that serve millions of people. It still amazes me how ideas that start in our intimate office take a life of their own and touch people all over the world.




What makes a great digital designer?


I think it’s essential to understand branding and how to develop an identity in a digital world. Designing without a true understanding of the brand is much like creating a lifeless, soulless template. I always start with establishing a style guide, which is a set of design principals that guide every touch point, platform and interaction.

A digital designer who’s good with typography enhances his or her ability to communicate with their audience. It’s a skill that is often overlooked on paper – no pun intended – but makes a huge difference.

I also think it’s important to stay up to date with current programs and prototyping software. Presenting interactive experiences sells your work better, and saves time and effort in the process.

Lastly, I think a good designer has to understand the POV of the other members of the team. UX designers, front-end developers, copywriters – all have an important role in the process. Understanding their needs and perspectives makes you infinitely better (and easy to work with).




What fuels you at work, what excites you?


Design for me is a lot more than just a profession. There’s something magical in creating something out of nothing, starting with a blank canvas and ending up with something powerful and touching. The power of colors, shapes and sizes on the human eye still excites me. And I love, love, love to create or experience design that makes people feel something.




Where do you draw your inspiration?


My sources of inspiration are all around. The endless wealth of shapes, qualities and colors, of textures, and behaviors that exist in nature harmoniously. I love looking at different cultures, and the intricacies of habits, methods of communication, music and art. I believe there’s a divine hand that unites everything around us into a perfect composition.  All we have to do is pay attention!


How would you describe your team’s dynamic?


I think the word is “natural.”

Everything we do here revolves around the team, and we have great chemistry. For me, that synergic camaraderie is what makes me love my job.





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