posted on 13 Aug 2014  

A two layers table: sometimes (1-X)+X > 1


two layers table

Designing tables - that doesn’t sound inspiring, is it? 

Is that because we are fed-up with tables watching them all day long? Is that because almost everything in life is arranged in some kind of a table?

I find it challenging enhancing tables’ user experience- mainly because of these reasons and the influence of “table design” on so many people and in so many tasks.


We face many challenges especially in those cases of complex, detailed, rich and multi-layers tables.

One of the challenges is to find a proper display to (e.g.) 30 columns where you can only view 15 at once. Another challenge is to display a relationship between 2 “families” of information be able to display both in a comparative and flexible way. 


We thought of a solution that solves both challenges - adding the ability to slide between 2 layers of information.


Solution for doubling the table display for ux/ui design. It is very important for us to design while doing usability testing including interface design

What are the benefits?


1/ users don’t loose orientation as they often do when flipping between “TABS” 

2/ double the display space

3/ ability to separae between set-up data and performance KPI’s

4/ flexibility to adjust proportion between the 2 layers of information

5/ fresh, intuitive and calling for action




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