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Even if you're only vaguely familiar with the world of online gaming, you've probably heard of - one of the world's most popular online gambling providers and a global industry leader for over a decade. The company offers online players access to casino games, poker, bingo and live sports betting. has developed a comprehensive set of marketing, control, support and billing systems, such as 'My Account', 'Cashier', online shops and loyalty programs, to support a smooth cross-platform gaming and gambling experience for its users.

Redesigning of's 'Cashier'

Once users reach the Cashier, nothing should stop them. The Cashier is the heart of the online gaming business - it's the gateway to an unforgettable gaming experience and the place where players annually deposit and withdraw billions of dollars. approached us with the task of designing a quick, smooth-flowing, obstacle-free UX system through which players would be able to deposit and withdraw cash using all available online payment processors.


Work flow and methodology

Here's the step by step description of creating the new 888 Cashier, starting with strategy and research and culminating with detailed screens and a prototype. Working on this project was a unique experience and required close collaboration with internal (art directors, designers, product managers, analysts) and external (UX specialists, Usability testing agency) professionals, guided and united by this workflow and methodology:


Final Deliverables


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