posted on February 16, 2016

TV FASHIONEY: How we created a UX concept for a new and exciting initiative

Some TV shows are just so good that they can make us do strange things. We’ve all been there: binge-watching an entire season, staying up all night to see what happens at the very end – only to find yet another cliffhanger. So we do the only sensible thing there is to do – take a quick shower, make some coffee and watch the next season.

What makes these shows so addictive? One of the main reasons is because we connect with the characters. We get to know them, we experience their adventures or get to see their mundane yet incredibly funny lives.  We learn about their relationships, their childhood and their darkest secrets.
And over time, we also notice more visual details about these characters. That awesome jacket Andy Samberg wore on in Brooklyn Nine-Nine or that blue printed wrap dress Sofia Vergara wore in Modern Family. Great clothes are out there on display. And as character connections often go, we might just want to look as cool as Jake Peralta or as amazing as Gloria. But where can we find information about our favorite character’s wardrobes?

There are plenty of blogs dedicated to documenting what characters are wearing that help fans recreate their style, but these blogs are scattered across the internet. Let’s face it, that specific item of clothing you had your eyes on will be pretty hard to find.


A website where TV meets fashion

This is how our good friend Oron Levy came up with the idea for TV FASHIONEY, a website to help users  find that elusive item of clothing, all in one place. Oron turned to us to help him think about a concept and user experience that would breathe life into his idea.
We thought it would be great to combine between a blog format with an online shop format. We designed elements including content, navigation and products to allow us to easily compose different pages with a different balance between the three. With everything in place, finding wardrobe items is easy, whether they’re related to a certain TV show, character, or even specific scenes. There’s also an option to filter the items by price. Shoes and accessories are also included!

Gitit our creative director had loads of fun giving TV Fashioney its compelling graphic design.

Taking TV FASHIONEY to new heights

Although only a few shows are updated at the moment, TV Fashioney has the potential to become a sought-after  TV fashion database that will continue to grow with every episode and season, with new TV shows added over time.

Oron is currently looking for a business partner. Someone who can take good care of his baby, keep it up to date, but more importantly, grow it organically with new content and to develop it as a business. We believe the user experience will have clients coming back for more and provide a great opportunity for expansion – with proper love and care it can become the fashion hub for TV fans around the world.

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