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An image showing red pepper crying over spill paprika
  posted on 07 Nov 2017  

Do you find yourself confused by the plethora of titles, terms and buzzwords in the UX world? Well fret no more. Here’s everything you need to know about everything you need to know.

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The Instrument that Rules The Orchestra

  posted on 06 Sep 2017  

Meet Gitit Ezagouri, a UI designer and Creative Director who brings a humble and wickedly talented mindset to Hexoo.

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Sourcing: The ins and outs

Image of compass pointing to the North were its written UX outsourcing
  posted on 17 Aug 2017  

Relying on in-house resources used to be a given. But in a UX world with fewer and fewer retainers and AOR relationships, that given often becomes a hurdle, especially in situation when you need to be agile.

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UX Beginners' Tips

Image of Mr. Line looking at the sign of UX team
  posted on 18 Jul 2017  

It’s impossible to overestimate the importance of having a good start to your career. Picking the right school and company, and building a strong, nurturing support system are essential to developing your career path,so I wanted to share some of my lessons...

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A financier who draws wireframes? Oh yes, she does.

Image of Andrea Zager a UX designer in Hexoo UX team with her dog Rudy.
  posted on 28 Jun 2017  

Eight years ago, Andrea Zager left a successful career in finance to join Hexoo, becoming a lead UX designer for complex systems, websites and applications.

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How we created a UX concept for a new and exciting initiative

  posted on 16 Feb 2016  

There are plenty of blogs out there dedicated to documenting what characters are wearing, to help fans recreate their style, but these blogs are scattered across the internet, and let's face it, that specific item of clothing you had your eyes on will be pretty hard to find.

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More than just numbers
UX ideas and inspirations for the bank account balance

Screenshot image showing the account balance of random person designed by Hexoo UX/UI design team
  posted on 30 Mar 2015  

Checking the bank account balance is a finance-related activity we do rather frequently, sometimes even on a daily basis. It's really the only way we can stay on top of how we're doing financially. We can see our earnings, our expenses, and know exactly where we stand.

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Simplifying WhatsApp communications:
Cut the crap, let's play ball!

  posted on 24 Aug 2014  

Over the years, I’ve had my share of minor Eureka moments. The latest one came while feeling a dull rage build inside of me over how much time and energy it takes to get a game of football together.

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A two layers table: sometimes (1-X)+X > 1

Screenshot image shwoing the two layers table idea design by Hexoo UX/UI design team
  posted on 13 Aug 2014  

Designing tables - that doesn’t sound inspiring, is it? Is that because we are fed-up with tables watching them all day long? Is that because almost everything in life is arranged in some kind of a table?

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The return of piggy bank:
Implementing interactive saving feature into online banking

An image showing kid depositing penny inside a piggy bank
  posted on 08 Aug 2014  

As kids, didn’t we all love having a piggy bank? Dropping coins into the slot and watching our mounds of money grow? I’d hate for that simple joy of saving to be lost forever.

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